Barefoot, blue eyed, blonde running through waves and jumping in mud puddles – life abundant. That is where this story starts and the beating heart of Knee Deep.

The name, Knee Deep, is based on my belief that the best, most impactful work is created by people who are knee deep in projects rooted in their joys and dreams.

Knee Deep was created to step in, get my feet wet and stand alongside those movers and shakers. You all are my heroes.

I am passionate about telling stories that evoke emotion and present the quality of grit and passion you give day-in and day-out. My goal is to invite others into your story through branding, content creation, photography and graphic design.

Your voice is needed and I want to share it with the world!


Charis (KâRis)

This is me! I am the sunburnt face behind this company. A word on my name — Charis is Greek for grace, joy and life. I love it, despite all the misspellings at Starbucks. I tied 3 ways on the Enneagram (5,9,7) — whoops, still trying to figure that one out. There is a good chance you will find me in overalls and barefoot no matter the season. 

My life has been greatly impacted by the summer camps, small outdoor organizations, non profits, local artisans and boutiques who are pouring their lives into their passion projects. I have benefitted because of their hard work, and in many cases grown to be who I am because of them. I started Knee Deep as an ode to those people.

Here at Knee Deep, most projects are run and executed by me, but I believe in collaboration and community so I welcome other friendly faces to join the team from time to time to lead project components when I believe it is a good fit!



Whether you just want to get your toes wet or go deep sea scuba diving with me - I’ve got services that range in time, length, and financial commitment. Don’t worry, my commitment to friendship, quality and a well told story stay the same across the board.

PS - I truly am all about being in this together for the long haul, so talk to me if you are looking for a long term agreement.


2 ft. deep

BRANDED PHOTOGRAPHY | Images capturing your company and products in their element.

CUSTOMIZED ILLUSTRATION AND DESIGN | A La Carte to the max. Letterhead, Stamps, Stickers, Stationary, Print/Web advertisements, web banners, you name it, let’s make it.

4 ft. Deep

MEDIA PACKAGING | Customized based on individual wants and dreams. Messaging, visuals (graphics + photo) and strategy for socials + web.

6 ft. Deep

BRANDING | At the core of branding is storytelling that captures the heartbeat behind what you do and shares that holistically to your audience. For this reason branding is divided into two key phases: strategy and design. Below is what is included.

Target Market based strategy

Main Messaging + voice development

Font + Color Selection

Logo package (Primary, Secondary, + extra goods)

Web layout template + Instagram starter kit


Stacked hands. Forever.

If you read through all of the services and feel like you or your company would benefit having the whole shebang, shoot me an email and lets talk over the dreams!



My process is heavily based off of your companies wants, needs and dreams. That being said, I love strategies and have learned from my dear friends over at Young Life, “organized chaos” is the best. So below is loosely how you can expect your project to flow.



No matter what I am creating for you, we will always begin with getting on the same page. This can look like a breakfast burrito meet up (find me in Denver, CO), a FaceTime call, or a questionnaire. Honestly, the more personable, the better. I want to know you so I can serve you in the best way possible.

This is where dreams and visions are shared and plans shaped on how togther we can visually share your story.


Next is where I take all the pages of scribbles and notes and create!

A little behind the scenes - this normally looks like multiple trips to my favorite local coffee shop near Wash Park, running breaks, and multiple spotify playlists (be expecting a surprise in this area!)

Depending on the project this includes strategy, mood boards, market analysis, refinements, photoshoots, brand development, etc.

Time wise, the bulk of the project falls into this category.


This is where we high five, have celebration hikes and share your story with the world.

This can look like a brand launch, social campaign, print materials, final files, and more.


Ready to book? Lets Freakin do thiS!