Dialogos Creative Company

Role: Brand Strategist + Designer, Web Designer + Developer, Social Content Creator.

Dialogos Creative Company is an art based consulting company who partners with communities across barriers to create raw, conversations that respect the individual, shatter tensions and draw forth new ideas to lead communities and companies forward.

I had the privilege of working with the owner, Alyssa from the birth of her business idea through the formation. Together we worked through naming, messaging and overall direction for the company. We landed on Dialogos as the name, the greek origin for dialogue, a key component Alyssa strives to bring with her into partnership with clients. In terms of branding, we really wanted to hone in on Alyssa’s personality and her dream of utilizing the techniques and values found within the art industry to break through barriers placed by policy and procedures within industries and communities.

The primary logo is a custom hand lettered font composed of fluid lines and a san-serif subhead, playing towards the creativity offered through Dialogos Creative’s services to involve more people in community decision making. It offers a picture of forward motion opposed to static positioning. The secondary logo capitalizes on the name and is kept simple and clean to balance the playfulness found in the primary logo. The 5 tone color palette was chosen to play towards the idea primary and secondary colors being the building blocks for art and allowing an open door for creativity.

Dialogos-Concept-R2_Primary on picture.png
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